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General conditions for photography

The general terms and conditions presented below are valid for all my photography services, unless otherwise agreed with the customer.



1. Service content and pricing

The service that is the subject of the transaction consists of work related to photography, image processing and media production, which is agreed with the customer on the basis of a request for quotation. The announced prices are final and include value added tax (24%).



2. Assignment

The content and pricing of the order are agreed upon with the customer in advance. A mutually binding assignment is formed when the customer declares that he accepts the offer presented by the Photographer verbally or in writing. A written order confirmation will be sent for a verbal order.


Changes and cancellations

By mutual agreement, the photographer and the customer can make changes to the order, such as extending the time reserved for the shoot or moving the shoot to another time. The increase or decrease in the amount of work caused by the changes will be updated to the previously approved offer in accordance with the contract.

If the filming event turns out to be impossible due to an unforeseen and force majeure obstacle, both the photographer and the client have the right to cancel the assignment without being liable for compensation. Force majeure must be reported immediately. For other possible cancellations, a cancellation fee according to the contract will be charged.



3. Copyright and usage rights

All copyrights to material created in the work remain with the photographer. He may use the images in his portfolio and in photography-related marketing, unless the client specifically requests that this not be done. The photographer undertakes to respect the client's privacy and to use situational judgment when presenting the images.

The customer gets free usage rights for the image products he buys for personal use. Personal use means, for example, displaying photos at home, storing them in your own archives, publishing them on social media, sharing photos with relatives, and making photos into paper photos in a photo service.

Commercial use without a separate agreement is prohibited. Commercial use is considered to be all company marketing in both print and digital media, including magazine use.



4. Style, coverage and possible destruction of photographs

The customer has seen the Photographer's previous work, but accepts that the shooting style may change over time or due to circumstances. The photographer does not guarantee that the images will be similar in style to previous images. The photographer decides the artistic style of the images according to the prevailing circumstances at his own discretion. The customer cannot reject the work or refuse payment for reasons related to artistic choices, such as style, composition or lighting.

The choice of photos to be delivered is at the discretion of the Photographer, unless otherwise agreed.

The photographer is obliged to take care of careful backup of the images. The backup obligation ends 6 months after the filming event.



5. Delivery of images to the customer

All selected images are delivered to the customer digitally in JPEG file format (resolution 240 PPI, sRGB color profile), from which high-quality print images can also be made.

The digital images will be delivered no later than four (4) weeks after the filming ends. The customer receives a link from the photographer where the customer can download the images for himself. 



6. Terms of payment

Orders are charged to the customer on an invoice. The invoice is delivered in the same email with the image link or, if separately agreed, as a paper version by mail. The customer's right to use the images arises when the invoice has been paid in full.

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